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Our Story

Providing mental health support for anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

We’re ambitious entrepreneurs who have finessed the art of balancing business ownership, children, aging parents, marathon-running, and various pursuits in between. Our careers began in finance and journalism, but through our growth and experiences in these industries, it became apparent that Psychology is our calling. Combined, we have more than two decades of clinical experience in the mental health sphere, in hospital settings and private practice.

Our time on the front lines has given us a firm understanding of what’s working in the field, but has also highlighted the gaps and inadequacies in how psychotherapy is typically delivered. As the pace of modern life continues to increase, individuals are feeling more and more overwhelmed by the number of demands placed upon them. These factors have made it challenging for people to access therapy in a traditional setting.

Lightwell was founded in the desire to increase the accessibility of mental health services. By leveraging technology, we have created a platform designed with your active lifestyle in mind. Our overarching vision is to give you an effective, efficient, and inspiring therapy experience. Despite being a digital offering, we aim to provide our services with warmth and compassion so you feel well-supported throughout the process.

Why the Name Lightwell?

“A lightwell is an unroofed space designed to allow light and air to reach what would otherwise be a dark and unventilated place. Our mission is to be a lightwell for your mind.”
— Dr. Kate Peplinskie, C. Psych. and Katherine Hollerer, C. Psych. Assoc., Founders