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Mental Health and the Holiday Season

In theory, the festive season is a magical time, filled with love and laughter. In reality, the  holidays bring numerous pressures — gift-buying, cooking elaborate meals, cleaning, and hosting, among others. For those coping with mental health challenges, this time of year can feel especially

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Baby Blues or Something More?

While having a new baby can certainly be a positive experience, filled with joy and excitement, it’s also normal for this period to be clouded by negative emotions. Commonly, between three and five days after giving birth, women experience significant hormonal changes, which contribute to

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Rethinking Self-Care Sunday

Though the term “self-care” has become popular in recent years, we seem to have drifted away from its original intention. People tend to associate self-care with getting a massage or soaking in a bubble bath, and while these activities are certainly enjoyable, self-care extends beyond

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Coping with End-Of-Summer Grief

Fall is almost upon us. For many, this is a joyful time, characterized by cozy sweaters, colourful leaves, and pumpkin spice lattes. For others, the transition is a time of grief, representing colder, darker days, and the end of carefree summer. If the change in

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Are You Speaking Your Partner’s Love Language?

At Lightwell, we regularly meet with clients who are struggling in their romantic relationships. The reasons why couples attend therapy vary widely, but all of our clients are seeking the same thing – to feel loved and seen by their partners. Often, even though partners

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How to Argue Fairly

In our previous blog post, Five Tools to Help with Anger Management, we reviewed a few techniques to try if you struggle to tame your temper.  Here, we’ll outline strategies on managing conflicts effectively. Disagreements are an inevitable and natural part of all interpersonal relationships. 

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Five Tools to Help with Anger Management

Anger can be a normal response to challenging situations. Often, anger sends the important message that something isn’t right, and you need to take action. However, anger becomes problematic when it is more intense than situations warrant, when it frequently flares up, and when it

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Taming Your Fear of Panic Attacks

A panic attack is defined as a sudden rush of intense fear or discomfort. Panic attacks are accompanied by at least four physical symptoms, such as a racing heartbeat or palpitations, sweating, shaking, difficulty breathing, a choking sensation, dizziness, and stomach upset (American Psychiatric Association,

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The Power of Guided Imagery for Mental Health

Guided imagery is widely recognized as an effective stress management tool. Research has also demonstrated its usefulness for enhancing sleep, decreasing pain, alleviating depression, curbing overeating, and boosting the body’s natural ability to heal. In light of the evidence, a growing number of hospitals are

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Tips for Coping with Work-Related Stress

Has your career left you overwhelmed? Do you feel increasingly uninspired and depleted? Research suggests that, after continually escalating for the last few decades, work-related stress has reached epidemic levels. It seems that work-related stress is largely related to the perception of control. Studies have

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