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An Overview of CBT

Online Support for Mental Health Disorders, including Anxiety and Depression

Examining Your Perspectives
Examining Your Perspectives

The premise of CBT is that your thoughts and behaviours influence your emotional wellbeing. Lightwell’s CBT-based services will guide you to look more closely at your thoughts and perspectives, including how you think about yourself, other people, and situations in your life. We’ll also examine your habits, and help you improve your daily routine.

Polishing Your Skills
Polishing Your Skills

The adage “practice makes perfect” holds a great deal of truth. To benefit most from CBT, you’ll need to practice your new skills regularly. How will that look? You’ll set time aside to record and challenge your unhelpful thoughts, and to engage in exposure activities. You’ll also work to build various healthy habits, such as engaging in relaxation and mindfulness exercises.

Support Along the Way

Interacting with a therapist can increase clients’ success with CBT by helping them stay motivated. Think of Lightwell’s therapists as CBT experts whose objectives are to monitor your progress, inspire, educate, and help with the emotional heavy lifting. For this reason, we offer a therapist-assisted program, along with video therapy sessions.

Who does digital online therapy help?

  • Digitally delivered CBT has repeatedly been found to be a beneficial treatment for depression, anxiety, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder, in adults across various randomized control trials, the most rigorous form of research.
  • What’s more, studies show that online support appears as effective as when delivered in person.

What are the benefits of online therapy?

Digitally-delivered CBT addresses many barriers associated with traditional, face-to-face therapy.

  • 24/7 support: you have control over the location, time, and pace of therapy. Access to learning materials at all times encourages you to practice concepts regularly, and thus allows you to consolidate learning and gain confidence in your new skills.
  • Time savings: eliminating travel reduces stress associated with scheduling appointments, and allows you to spend more time engaged in activities that are important to you.
  • Privacy: the ability to speak about your situation and concerns from the comfort of your home or another safe space can be reassuring.
  • Organization: an online interface allows you to save useful materials and personal reflections on your electronic device for future reference.
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